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10 Tips for Power Thinking is a journey… on rich and nourishing landscape, you will end up some place different, changed for the better. Jaime Suard, MA, MFT (Marriage, Family, and Perinatal Psychotherapy).

10 Tips for Power Thinking is a thought-provoking look at the human process of thoughts and how they can help us experience better health and happiness in life. Eric Harrison (Los Angeles Post – Publisher)

Everyone should read 10 Tips for Power Thinking because it teaches you how to change your mind set. People will tell you to stay strong and be encouraged but the author actually tells you how to apply the principles…. It could be the missing link to your success.Rashad Jackson (College Student).

I am so glad you wrote “Image of a Woman from a Christian-Hebrew Perspective”; it cleared up a lot of misunderstandings that I had about God’s original plan for woman. Victor Brand

I can’t wait until volume 2 of Image of a Woman comes out. I want more! Lerone Long

I found the DVD for “Image of a Woman from a Christian-Hebrew Perspective” to be Enlightening. The Image of Woman changed my life. Earen

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